IP 2008-2009: An Overview

The evolution of the Integrated Project spans 12 years. In the beginning, the focus targeted a decade, recuperating the SPERM (Social, Political, Economic, Religious, Military) implications on daily life. The project always involved a presentation element, but that too evolved from classroom to library to the auditorium stage. Several years ago, feeling that the project had no ceiling for innovation, we changed the project to a What If scenario, where students would explore both factual and counterfactual history, employing SPERM elements in daily life for factual and counterfacutal history. It was the latter genre of counterfactual history that really sparked renewed interest in IP, both for teachers and students. After several years of What If, as project coordinators, we felt that again, the project lost its creative ceiling.

Quite by happenstance, Miss Brinson and Mrs. Stangherlin toured the newly opened Newseum during the 2007 Washington, DC three-day educational field trip. We returned to the Newseum in August, 2008, and Miss Brinson brainstromed a new angle: What if there was no news? and Stangherlin found the essential question: What's news? Fusing the concepts, we determined that it was be less stressful if we gave the students their What If and Essential Question and left the teams to determine a pivotal moment. To date, the change has met with success, and we have 4 presentations encompassing The Twenties, Nixon-Watergate, The Second Cold War, and 9-11. In addition, we moved from less stage time and more video footage to move students forward with film as the new text. By reducing the scale of the stage presentation, we also virtually remove the stress of many organizations vying for stage time--both for practice and presentation--during a competitive month.

We wrote and received a funding grant from LVECU to cover the cost of students' admission to the Newseum and the Green Screen event. We wrote a Target Field Trip Grant to take the students to the Newseum in Spring, 2009, but have not yet heard if we are recipients of future funding. We have joined The Schools United in an effort to garner a global collaborative audience for this event. In addition, we aim to stream live the IP presentations this year, likely throughMogulus orUStreamTV so parents can participate virtually in real time.

What's News?

Created by Meagan Walsh, a member of An Era on Air: The Twenties.

IP 2009-2010: The Future

Next year, our platform will be: What if there was no freedom? What's Freedom? While the format will remain similar, how we work will change, accommodated by better Web 2.0 tools that will streamline research, virtual meetings, and desktop sharing. To some extent, that process has begun already, but will be an integral part from start up next year. We will also look for global partnerships at the onset of the project through a variety of possibilities, including the vast resources of UPenn MAGPI, with whom we have established a very successful collaboration in past projects.

IP 2008-2009 Documents